Adrift Journal helps you creates stories 

When you purchase a "Photo Package Gift"  we offer an  opportunity to rescue a moment in time.

Perhaps you are a keeper of the the family photo albums.

When you feel overloaded with memories it is nice to just find a few that catch your attention.

Dig down and discover a snapshot that resonates with you.

I am often drawn to a couple of photos of myself

one is of me as a child standing at the legs of my mum and grandmother.

Another is of when we were building a house and I was super confident about life.

What is the story behind the photos you keep navigating towards?

Below are some tips for scanning your images.

Scan (at 600dpi in full colour even if black and white)

Ask Office Works to scan it for you at their highest quality.

They can even email it direct to me, or save it onto your usb. 

Send me the file with a bit of a back story about the image (You are keeping the original)

Please email me if you wish to take the option to post the image, I will give you my mailing address.

"Photo Gifts" start from AUS$55 

(additional costs if you wish a hard copy printed gift + postage).

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